“The opportunity for his students to engage with nature at first hand was one of the primary reasons Pearse moved his school here to Rathfarnham in 1910. The extensive parkland which surrounding the house teemed with life and led him to speculate that it would be impossible to find ‘more of wild life … crowded into fifty acres anywhere else so near Dublin’.

Observing and understanding the natural world is also central to the photographic work of Robert Keogh. His practice is based on patiently watching animals and birds, learning their ways and then capturing them on film at the exact right moment. 

Robert has a keen interest in portraiture, landscape and wildlife photography. His photographs have won many accolades and acceptances in international salons in countries such as Australia, Slovenia, Iraq and the UK, as well as here in Ireland. He is an accredited member of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique and an active member of Dublin Camera Club. Speaking about his work he has said: “As a wildlife photographer it is incredible the amount of wildlife you can find on your own doorstep, if you just take a moment to look. Many of my wildlife photographs were captured within the city limits.” “


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